Listen: WLFM 001 – Wavelength Music Podcast – The #WL17 Edition

WLFM marks the return of the Wavelength Music Podcast!

Your hosts Jonny Dovercourt and Dean Williams run down all the awesome bands playing Wavelength Music Festival 17 – February 17-19, 2017 in Toronto. Along the way, they make some friendly crank calls, and talk about the Big Earplug conspiracy, the true identity of Scott Pilgrim, yoga poses as stage banter, movie reviews by your future self, and the Cuban Revolution.

Featuring interviews with: Julie Doiron, Robyn Phillips (Vallens), Steve Scott (Hush Pup), and Marko Cindric aka DJ Bad Plastics.

“The world sucks shit, but at least we’ve got music.”

Produced by the good people of Psiphon Sessions.

1. Chandra – Subways
2. Vallens – Consent
3. DIANA – Slipping Away
4. TOPS – Way to be Loved
5. Denim Roses – We Hate Cake
6. Weaves – Two Oceans
7. WLMRT – I Don’t Like Patios
8. Peeling – Leisure Life
9. Helena Deland – Baby
10. Whoop-SZO – All My Friends
11. Fet.Nat – Vegas Paris
12. Fake Palms – Collar Bone
13. Julie & the Wrong Guys – Homeless
14. Kat Estacio – Bamboo in the Morning
15. North Atlantic Drift – Recluse
16. Hush Pup – Wearing Dark Colours
17. Fin – Autobody
18. Emay – Israfil ‘angels trumpet’
19. DATU feat. Han Han – World Gong Crazy
20. Phèdre – Zastroszy

+ THEME SONG! The Russian Futurists – Your Big Brown Eyes and My Big Broke Heart (from the Y2K Early Wavelength Era classic, The Method of Modern Love)