Kurt Marble: The WL Dad Rock Interview

Purveyors of: Nu-garage, dad rock, experimental rock
File next to: T.Rex, Flaming Lips, Twin Peaks
Playing: WL 18 Night 2, Saturday, February 17 @ The Garrison. Get Tickets Here!

Kurt Marble is a Toronto-based nu-garage darling with strong ties to dad culture. Kurt made his debut in the Toronto underground scene nearly three years ago. He returned in 2017 with his last EP Friend of Mine and accompanying psychedelic dream of a music video, “Laura’s House.” Wavelength’s Kalina Nedelcheva caught up with Kurt Marble and his shenanigans before his next show at the Garrison. 

The dad rock aesthetic seems to be a crucial component to your image. What is the reason behind this?

I am now a man grown. I have come of age. I have a dad bod now and I embrace my new look with open flabby arms.

Side note: What bands did your dad listen to when you were little?

Rock bands, of course! He’s a dad!

Toronto is a goldmine for underground music. How do you find that affects your genre?

My genre? You mean Nü Dad Rock? Doom Daddy-Metal? Power Tool Garage Rock? I think you’ll find that all of these genres are considered underground.

Tell me one positive and one negative aspect of your Toronto music scene experience!

One big downside to the Toronto scene is that there aren’t that many all-ages shows. If there’s one thing any self-respecting teenager loves — it is dad rock! The one plus side is that when the kids are away, this dad can drink light beer all day!

Friend of Mine was released in March 2017. Has it in any way influenced your music, fans, or appearance?

Since the release of Friend of Mine, the band and I have been working on much heavier songs that most dads would find too loud. So, to counterbalance that, I’m trying to look more like a dad. Maybe I should learn how to golf.

Should we hold our breath for new music projects and what might we expect from them?

There will definitely be some new developments and projects to look forward to in the new year. So yes, hold your breath, (metaphorically only)!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an Eagles documentary to watch!


— interview by Kalina Nedelcheva