Kidstreet: The Camp Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Smart, snappy electro-pop that’s infectious — but not in a clinical way
File Next To: Esthero, Martha + the Muffins, Robyn
Playing: Camp Wavelength (Late Night* Set!!) Saturday, August 29 @ Artscape Gibraltar Point. Get your tickets here! *Late Night Ferry Ticket Required. Purchase one here!

Kidstreet have been M.I.A. for a few years, but Camp Wavelength will mark the return of the beloved Waterloo indie/dance/fun outfit. The trio-turned-duo are known for their upbeat party-starters and synth-laden stage show, and while it’s been close to half a decade since we last saw the group, their upcoming Camp Wavelength appearances will be a rebirth for the band with more shows and new tunes (!!!) on the immediate horizon. We spoke to Karl and Edna from the band about past Wavelength triumphs, late night habits and what’s on tap for the remainder of 2015.

Kidstreet is back. Where’ve you been? When did you play at Wavelength last?

Edna: We last played Wavelength in 2009. Holy shit, that doesn’t sound right, but Google is confirming it. I recall having a really good time. Since then, Karl never stopped working on music, but was focusing on the film and TV aspect, I finished my degree in Medieval Studies and was working full time for a theatre company, and Cliff has actually taken permanent leave to start a family.

What have you guys been listening to since we last heard from you? Any new music on the horizon?

Edna: Generally listening to artists like St. Vincent, FKA Twigs, Dirty Projectors, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Robyn etc. Regarding our own music, we are actually releasing a single on August 14th, and then another single in the fall — super excited to get some new material out there!

Where did your new singles come from? New tracks or ones that have been in the incubator for a while?

Karl: I moved to a cottage about a year ago so I could live at night and record loud music without bothering anyone. You don’t make friends recordings drums and producing music at night. Edna came by with some super cool vocal ideas for a few of the tracks, and Kidstreet was reborn with some new tunes.

How are you releasing the new tunes? Where will they be available?

Karl: They’ll be released through Nettrax on August 14th! More info to be announced. I doubt that we’ll press anything for these two singles, but it’s possible if we go ahead with an album in 2016.

You’re slotted for a late night appearance at Camp Wavelength. Does this alter how you prepare? Are the members of Kidstreet typically night people?

Edna: If we’re playing a late night slot, it usually means that we will aim to put together a set that’s a little dancier/higher energy. Karl is 100% a night owl, and will often still be awake when I get up for work. I think we both appreciate the night-time hours though, and honestly, most of the good stuff that we produce happens between midnight and 4:00 a.m.

Have you ever played on an island before? You guys planning on doing anything on the Island pre-show, aside from checking out other bands?

Karl: We played in Victoria on Vancouver Island which counts, right? Took the ferry over… it was nauseating. I don’t think we have any plans yet, but we’ll definitely take advantage of all the cool stuff Wavelength has planned!

More gigs on the horizon?

Edna: Most definitely.

– Interview by Cam Gordon (Completely Ignored)

Photo credit: Carrie Snyder

Kidstreet play Camp Wavelength Saturday, August 29 at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island). Get your single day tickets here! Or better yet, join us for the whole weekend and get a Festival Pass!