Just Prince: The WL Interview

Purveyors of: Deep and emotional Vocals, blends traditional with modern, Hindustani classical music, Western elements of folk, rock and blues.

File next to: Gulam ali khan, Begum Akhtar, Chris Cornell, Otis Redding

Playing: Wavelength Winter Festival, Feb 29th, 2024 @ Hugh’s Room Live (296 Broadview Ave.). More info here.

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Just Prince, is known for seamlessly blending Western and Eastern sounds into a harmonious tapestry. With a captivating style that defies genre constraints, his music weaves elements of folk, rock, blues, and Hindustani classical music into a mesmerizing experience. Through his innovative approach, he crafts a musical landscape that bridges worlds with the intention of humility and togetherness.

Wavelength chatted with Just Prince about his musical inspirations, how he got into singing, and his identity when it comes to his work.

Don’t miss Just Prince on Thursday Feb 29th at Hugh’s Room Live as part of Wavelength Winter Festival 2024. Get tickets here!

Interview by Tara Hejazi