Jonathan Bunce Reinstated as Wavelength Artistic Director

A Statement from Wavelength’s Board of Directors

For the past two months, the Board of Directors for Wavelength Music has been addressing allegations of workplace harassment from a former employee against our Artistic Director Jonathan Bunce, known to the Toronto music community as Jonny Dovercourt. Following the release of the results of a weeks-long inquiry conducted by third-party investigator and chartered mediators, Bicknell Mediation, Jonathan Bunce has been reinstated to his position of Artistic Director. The investigation found no evidence to support the allegations that Bunce fostered a hostile work environment during the complainant’s time with organization.

We take the safety of our community very seriously. To ensure that we addressed these allegations fairly and impartially, we retained Bicknell Mediation, a highly experienced independent third-party investigator specializing in workplace disputes. The investigator conducted a formal inquiry, during which Bunce stepped aside from his duties. Following many interviews and communications retrieved from the time in which these events were alleged to occur, our investigator could find no evidence that a hostile work environment, harassment or discrimination took place. Based on these findings, we are welcoming Jonathan back to the organization as Artistic Director and have full confidence in his ability as a community leader to make a positive contribution to the ongoing evolution of Wavelength.

While the inquiry saw no evidence of wrongdoing, other conversations arose during this time that related to everything from equity to artist payment, which we are looking forward to discussing in an upcoming open forum. We have engaged Jeanne LeSage of LeSage Arts Management, a certified human resource specialist with considerable experience in the performing arts sector to help us plan this event, at which the community will have a chance to freely discuss its hopes for Wavelength and our future. More details will be released as a date and venue for this occasion are confirmed.

We would like to sincerely thank Wavelength’s staff and volunteer team, led by General Manager Aaron Dawson, for going above and beyond to produce this year’s edition of the Camp Wavelength festival. We would also like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and faith in us as we carefully sorted through a very serious and complicated situation that directly impacted the well-being of individuals we know and continue to care about, while at the same time trying to minimize any impact on the incredible artists, hard-working teams, and supportive sponsors of our series and festivals.

Now that the sun has set on Camp for another year, it’s time for us to open up the line of communication and start working collectively towards building on our 18 years of supporting independent music in Toronto. We look forward to creating an even stronger Wavelength that champions the vibrant and diverse independent music communities in our city and beyond.