Help out our friends Rachel and Doc!

‘Tis the season – to help out friends in need! On Thursday night (Jan. 12) you have 2 chances.

First up, our friend Rachel Conduit, the owner of Handlebar in Kensington Market, was recently treated very badly by a former business partner, and is saddled with some hefty debts. Handlebar is a great space for new artists, and Rachel is a stellar human, so lend them all a hand at Handlebash! They’re going to have a silent auction, raffle, and lots of great music, plus there is a GoFundMe page if you can’t be there in person.

And the same night, up at Junction City Music Hall, show your support for beloved singer/songwriter/poet Doc Pickles, also Wavelength co-founder and former emcee/programmer, who was unfortunately laid off from his job on Christmas Eve. Pickles Aid features sets by WL vets Laura Barrett, Entire Cities, and More Or Les, plus Young Doctors in Love.