Happy 2016 from Wavelength!

HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE!! Well, that was awesome. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making our New Year’s Eve the (honestly no exaggeration) Best New Year’s Ever! We may have started a tradition here… Thanks to the good people at the Markham House City Building Lab for hosting us. We’d love to hear your feedback on the space and what else you might like to see happen here. Mark your calendars for the official opening of our ‪#‎ICYMI‬ art exhibit in on January 14 as well as the first of a pair of talk events on January 31.

We’ve just posted our hilariously rad Photo Booth shots by Yi Shi over on our Facebook page — so head over that way and tag yourselves aplenty — as well as some gorgeous concert photography from the New Year’s show by our own Emily Scherzinger.