Essie Watts: The WL Interview

Purveyor of: Theatrical fusion, art rock, experimental sounds 

File next to: Jessy Lanza, Kate Bush, Beams, St. Vincent

Playing: Tara Kannangara + Corey Gulkin (double album release) + Essie Watts: Wavelength, April 12, 2024 @ Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton St.) 

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Essie Watts is a 5 piece art-pop band formed by Toronto musician Jessica Burgess. Drawing from the worlds of theatre and dance, Essie Watts fuses performance art with commanding vocals and experimental sounds inspired by musical forces like Kate Bush, Prince and Björk. Jessica released her first EP, Shadow Box, as Essie Watts and has since been joined by Mitch Lohmeier (drums), Jordan Omstead (bass), Irwan Poerba (guitar & vocals), and Aaron Rambhajan (keys & guitar) who bring an undeniable energy to the project.

Wavelength chatted with Essie Watts about musical inspiration, music evolution, and performing. 

Don’t miss Essie Watts on April 12th at the Monarch Tavern as part of the monthly Wavelength Music Series. Get tickets here!

– Interview by Tara Hejazi