Camp Wavelength Thank You

Wow, did that really happen? Was it only a week ago we were all setting up our tents, hugging old friends for the first of many times, wandering down to the beach and asking ourselves, “Where are we?!”

It wasn’t a dream — the first-ever Camp Wavelength did happen last weekend — and it definitely won’t be the last-ever. We are still awed, humbled, thrilled, and bowled-over ecstatic about the positive outpourings of love for the festival we just created. We do this for the community, and it means so much to have the community pay it back in kind words — and awesome photos.

We here at WL HQ worked hard to make CampWL a reality, and we are only just starting to recuperate — but there are SO MANY people we want to thank.

To our hosts at Artscape Gibraltar Point: Thank you for letting us build our “field of dreams” on your beautiful site. Your location was the inspiration for Camp Wavelength, and its predecessor, the ALL CAPS! Island Festival, and we couldn’t imagine ever doing it anywhere else. You made us feel right at home. Thanks to all your staff for being so handy, helpful and accommodating.

To our artists: This festival is all about you. Your creative work and wild imagination are the reason we do this crazy thing. Thanks for bringing us your crazy ideas, and letting us run wild with them.

To our audiences: Did you know you are the best? Thanks for being so chill, so receptive, and so patient when things didn’t go 100% according to plan. We’re all in this together, and we know that you know that.

To our funders and sponsors: Thank you for believing in our vision, and for your warm generosity that helped us realize it. We literally could not have done this without your support, and our appreciation knows no bounds.

To our hard-working staff: You are the definition of “above and beyond.” We all know the delirium of long hours, no sleep, and dreaming of walkie-talkie calls when you do. But we all know why we do it. Thanks for diving into this thing head-first.

To our volunteers: You guys are awesome. When they say “it takes a village,” you’re the village. Thanks for lending us an extra hand you didn’t even know you had, and being up for anything. Next year, you’ll get your own special salute.

And finally, to a special guy, Ryan McLaren: You brought Wavelength to the Island with the first ALL CAPS! Island Show back in 2009. What we built with Camp Wavelength couldn’t have happened without your passion and dedication to music, arts and community. We miss you, buddy.

So… next year? Yes — NEXT YEAR. Please stay tuned, Camp Wavelength 2016 dates are coming soon.

Photo credit: Aaron Dawson