Camp Wavelength 2017 – 1st Line-up Announcement of Installation Artists, Performance Artists, and Activities

Hey Campers!

Camp Wavelength’s line-up includes a stellar array of musical talent! But did you know that there is also an assembly of exceptional installation art, performance artists, activities and activism awaiting you? Here’s a teaser of the fun to come…

 DIY video games! Interactive installations! Campfires! Storytelling!  Glitter station! Mask play! Hidden dioramas!  Guided nature walks! And a GIANT SWAN!

Here’s more information about what to expect in this year’s “More Than Music” program:

Internationally renowned computational artist Mark-David Hosale creates beautiful interactive, location-specific installations that express behavioural qualities through light and sound. His piece Homunculus: Pavilion, serves as the entranceway into the magical realm of Camp Wavelength.

Caterwaul Theatre’s installation Is Like a Shadow on Me invites you across the multiverses through a series of hidden shadowbox dioramas.

Matt Beckett’s upgraded DIY video game system, Mattendo 17, will test your skills on his retro console and outdoor living room.

The Posi Vibez crew returns with Shine Bright Like A Diamond, a safe-space-glitter-station with a goal to create a positive equitable space that includes and honours the voices of women, people of colour, indigenous people & the LGBTQ community.

Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist and puppet designer Andrew Lamb’s Swan Song summons a huge swan into the festivities.

Diaspora DialoguesLiterary Fortune Telling features some of the city’s best emerging and established writers turning to the stars (of great texts) to answer your burning questions.

Toronto designer Nate Wolfe’s Dream Census project brings Hello, Dreamer to the festival, an interactive experience that leads participants through a kaleidoscopic space until they reach the seat of the collective unconscious!

Interdisciplinary art collective Milk Lab’s Weavelength creates a warp in which participants weave a community tapestry.

No. Is a complete sentence., an art collective working from an intersectional, feminist, decolonizational framework, bring Presence Unseen (Appearing) to the festival, an interactive performance working within traditions of mask-play, feminist performance art, and physical theatre.

Toronto based textile artist Roxanne Ignatius’s fantastical designs will adorn the stage and grounds of the festival.

More artists to be announced soon! And get your Camping & Festival Passes now, before they’re all gone!!