Camp Wavelength 2016: Thanks for the MAGIC!

Magic. Pure joy. A waking dream. These are the words we’ve been hearing since this past weekend on the Island. Camp Wavelength 2016 was everything we could have hoped it would be and more.

We’re only beginning to touch down in reality (a.k.a. the mainland) but we want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make our second annual summer festival a success beyond our wildest imaginations.

THANK YOU to all our musical artists for all your talent and creativity. You’re the reason we do this.

THANK YOU to all our visual & performance artists, especially our set designer Roxanne Ignatius and in-house projection artist General Chaos Visuals for making us look so good.

THANK YOU to our emcees Kurt Marble, Maylee Todd, and Liz a.k.a. Pun D-MC for pun-ping up the crowd, and our crew of DJs for keeping the tunes on point.

THANK YOU to all our “super chill” VOLUNTEERS – we literally could not do it without you! You guys rule!!

THANK YOU to Artscape Gibraltar Point for being such patient and gracious hosts – a partnership that now goes back eight amazing years, including our precedessor festival, ALL CAPS!

THANK YOU to all our amazing food vendors especially our new friends at the Monarch Tavern for keeping everyone happily sated all weekend.

THANK YOU to all our funders and sponsors for believing in us, and for helping bridge the gap between our dreams and reality.

THANK YOU to our awesome Board for helping steer the good ship Wavelength, and stepping up in a pinch.

THANK YOU to our hard-working staff for dedicating most of your summer to making this happen. Shoutouts to Aaron, Adam, Heather, Jennifer, Marko, Kayla, Evely, Helen, Dwayne, Seth, Rich, Derek, Mike, Emily, Colin, and Home Base Publicity for all working your asses off.

AND THANK YOU to viewers like you, our Campers, for being such an awesome and respectful audience, and making Camp Wavelength a safe and special place.

Until next year…. Camp is all packed up but will live on in our hearts for the next 12 months.

** Photo of Open Fortress – beneath the festival-closing double rainbow – by Stephanie Keating. **