Beams: The WL Interview

Purveyors of: Psychedelic rock, folk-rock, hazy dreams

File next to: Brandi Carlile, Big Thief, Falcon Jane, Kate Bush

Playing:  Wavelength Winter Festival, Feb 29th, 2024 @ Hugh’s Room Live (296 Broadview Ave.)

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Beams is a psychedelic folk-rock band that formed in 2011 in Toronto. Pairing the stunning harmonization of female voices with the shimmering textures of Telecaster and vibraphone, they have been described as “darkly spellbinding” (American Songwriter) and have been compared to artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush to Low and Fiver.

Wavelength chatted with Beams about their favourite projects, music experimentation, and the evolution of their musical style.

Don’t miss Beams on Thursday Feb 29th at Hugh’s Room Live as part of Wavelength Winter Festival 2024. Get tickets here!

Interview by Tara Hejazi