Purveyors of: Sinister tidings

Playing next: WL 378 – Sunday, September 2 – 11pm

Ancestors are special ghosts who can only be contacted by priests with nicknames. That’s why Adam John Morano a.k.a. “Death Adder” had to provide this interview with Richie, MattR, and MattyO. He has powers. Also, this is a transcription of a video, which we’ve posted at the bottom.

What is your name?

Richie: What’s That?

Adam: Yer name!

Richie: Richie? Mahaha.

MattR: [Turning down funkadelic.]

Why the fuck are you ruining the party vibe bro’?

MattR: Worry bro’.

MattyO: My name is Matt Starr.

Richie: I’m going to work.

Yer going. Maybe I should ask you a couple of questions before you leave.

Adam: If ancestors could gangbang another band which band would that be? That is, not including Hot Monogamy.

Richie: I’ll let Matt Handle this one.

MattyO: Basically we would like to gang bang Bob Dylan.

Which era of Bob Dylan?

MattyO: ’64

Adam: Does Ancestors read books?

Richie: I read lots of books, man.

MattyO: I tried to read a book one time… it didn’t work out to well. It took me a year to read 200 pages.

Richie: Does a newspaper count as a book?

Are books better when you smoke hash?

MattyO: If I’m doing anything I’m usually high.

Richie: No. Definitely not. [With some random grumbling soon after]

Adam: How many hash tokes can Ratt do in a row? This is a three part hash question. [In actual reality it’s a two part hash question.]

Richie: Infinity. That’s actually a good question.

This question is for Wells.

Richie: Oh man I wish Wells was here.

If Ancestors were a sushi roll which roll would that be? [At this point they start talking about sushi that they like and not actually answering the question. It’s a fucking dumb question but Jesus fuck answer the thing. If you must know the answer, Matty o likes sashimi and Richie likes green dragon. Wells and I went out for sushi once and he made me eat sushi pizza and enoki and beef rolls. He probably likes those – Death Adder.]

What is your favourite drug other than alcohol?

MattyO: Pot.

Richie: Mine is tough. It’s like trying to choose a favourite child. They are all unique in a way.

This is where the interview gets a little more difficult.

Richie: I’m gonna jet then.

[Adam asks them about their EP and their artwork. They will have an EP available at Wavelength. There is a video version of this interview you can watch for the final answers and some fucking hardcore guitar hero fuckness… but why would you want to waste nine minutes?

By Death Adder