An Evening with Dusty: The Ambient Sci-Fi Mysteries of Kyle Bobby Dunn

Good evening, folks. If you’re having a quiet evening in, we highly recommend you take the time to check out Kyle Bobby Dunn‘s video for “An Evening with Dusty.” We’re not entirely sure what is happening – from the amazing opening shots of a comet-like object in the sky over a New Zealand beach onwards – but the freckled tomboy protagonist appears to receive and return a message from the beyond. A beautiful eight-minute post-apocalyptic sci-fi story reminiscent (in mood at least) of La Jeté or The Quiet Earth, the video is the perfect accompaniment for the thoughtfully soothing tones and drones of the mysterious Ontario ambient artist Dunn, who has also recently released a new double album, Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn, available for free streaming here.

An Evening With Dusty – Kyle Bobby Dunn from Joey Bania on Vimeo.