Allegories: The Camp Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Cavernous pop songs and intrigue.
File Next To: Big Black, Washed Out, a happy nap.
Playing: Camp Wavelength, Friday August 28 (Late Night Set!) at Artscape Gibraltar Point.
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Allegories are a guild of shadowy figures that emerge occasionally from behind the veil of the Internet to woo audiences with their delicate, synthed-out tunes. Wavelength chatted with Allegories about their mysterious persona and how your experience seeing them at Camp Wavelength may be similar to the French army giving a medal of honour to a bird.

Hey Allegories! You have cultivated an air of mystique in your online presence, from wearing bags over your heads in press photos to your minimal and cryptic website. Can you tell us a little about who is in the band and how this project got started?

Not yet. We’re still figuring out who we are and who we’ll be.

Part of your mystique is a lack of photos of the band. If someone was listening to your music for the first time without being able to see the band, what mental image would they conjure?

Imagine someone tapping you on the shoulder. You look behind to your right, but no one is there. You realize the person is standing behind you to your left. You are unable to turn around.

In fact, you give more face time to your guest vocalist MEAGHA in the video for “Evaporate.”

She forced her way into the project. We have severed any and all ties.

At Camp Wavelength, you’ll be playing a late night set alongside Zoo Owl, Above Top Secret, and Ravetapes. What kind of vibes can the campers of Camp Wavelength expect from you? Are you going to lead the tribal dancing around the campfire, or will you synchronize everyone’s brainwaves and lead us to sweet, sweet dreamland?

(Ed. – the band has chosen to respond with an online video clip:

Finally, of the three ferries to the Toronto Islands, which is your favourite? Centre, Ward’s, or Hanlan’s?


-Interview by Matt Longo

Allegories play Camp Wavelength Friday, August 28 at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island). Get your single day tickets here! Or better yet, join us for the whole weekend and get a Festival Pass!