All Under Heaven

WL 347 – Sunday, Jan 21 – 10pm

Purveyors of: Beer, nachos, and a lot of effects pedals.

All Under Heaven is Marco Landini’s baby. He loves his baby, and raises it gently in a nursery full of buzzing, static, radio transmissions, tape loops, and repetitive guitar lines. There’s always new people playing in the band with him. Members of Mean Red Spiders, Ghostlight, Mortimercy, Awesome, and so many more. So if you like any of those bands, you might like All Under Heaven? Jeff Wright (also playing on the 21st in the Riptorns) and Marco bro’d down, and ended up almost forgetting they were conducting an interview.

Tonight… YOU.

I guess this is what hell is like.

That’s cool, I guess. When you write songs then, that’s what you’re writing about? What is your songwriting process?

When I don’t really write songs…they are just weird little fragments of songs. It’s pretty random. Usually it’s about being drunk and terribly alone at 4 in the morning. On the record some of that stuff is almost a decade old. I just record them and throw the tape in this big cardboard box and forget about them.

We’re going to see Steven Seagal and his fucking blues band, Thunderbox in a couple weeks. Do you think that’s going to change the way you make music? I’m willing to bet it does. I mean. How could it not? We’re going to be changed people, I think. We still need to get those fake ponytails!

I’m pretty much prepared to retire from all musical activities after this. Going to shows, playing in bands, buying/listening to records… I mean what will be the point? Imagine putting on a record after seeing STEVEN SEGAL playing the BLUES? It’s the end of music, I’m pretty sure.

Any chance you might get a DVD player and projector for the WL show? I’ll bring my copy of “Good Burger” to play behind you guys.

I’m trying to find one for the show. That would be swell! If not we’re going to do a show at the Smiling Buddha in March or April we can project it there! Any Luck with that Re-Penetrator party?

No more Re-Penetrator party. Putting it together was more effort than I wanted to spend on a horror-porn screening. If you want to watch it together sometime, we could. Pants on! Not like our “Predator” party last year. That was too intense. Maybe you could tell the Wavelength readers what sort of emotions you experience recently while watching the extras on the “Little Man” DVD, post-Christmas.

Oh man. Just total defeat. Sheer utter hopelessness. Yeah I’ll never do that again. Remember when we watched Bloodsport with the sound off? That was amazing!!! On New Year’s Day, Charles Balls played at our place it was just a small recovery party. We had Replicant on with the sound off and people got really in to it! There’s something really positive about Jean-Claude Van Damme. It really balanced out the total dread that Little Man gave me…. I think the key is not to watch it with the commentary on.

I think we need to watch the second half of the “Little Man” commentary. It was pretty amazing hearing the Wayans Brothers forget the names of people they’ve made multiple movies with. Who’s your favourite Wayans Brother? You can’t say Damon.

Oh I’d have to say Marlon hands down. Yo! Have you seen She’s the Man yet? I’d rather watch that with you.

I haven’t seen that. Maybe we should watch that in between our sets on the 21st. …Do you have any last words for the Wavelength brigade?

She’s the Man aaaand Good Burger? AWWWW YEEEEAH! Dude, this can’t be the end!!! We’re going to talk about how HARD the the Happy Flowers RULE.

Nothing lasts forever, bitch!

By Jeff Wright