Alex Lukashevsky

Alex Lukashevsky is an old hand at this Wavelength thing. He’s been in and out with a bunch of different groups (perhaps you’ve heard of Deep Dark United?). This time he’ll shed his accompaniment and bare his soul to Wavelength’s loving audience. But first, he practiced on Allana Mayer.

What does your mother have to say about this silly music thing you’re doing? Have you brought shame upon the family name?

Women aren’t generally crazy about my music. Shame is my family name.

What’s the response been to the solo effort so far?

So far I’ve sold about 157 ceedees. Most of the reviews are about 3 out of five. One on-line bozo completely destroyed me, but that’s OK. My friends tell me it’s fine.

Most of the people who supported on Connexions you’ve collaborated with to varying degrees. Was the dynamic different when it became technically your project, as opposed to a group effort?

I don’t really think about it that way.

You’re also a repeat Wavelength offender — how many have you done so far? Or have you lost track?

This is my first time playing alone. Deep Dark United has done 5 or 6 I think. There was also one time with Zebradonk. One time playing bass for Parts Unknown. One time with Someone Is Flying, and one time I sang a song with the Back The Fuck Ups, Canada’s Premier Back Up Band. I sang “Stretch Armstrong” by By Divine Right.

What’s your honest unbridled opinion of the concert series, the changes it’s been through, and all those boring scene politics?

I haven’t really paid attention for a quite a while. I’m glad Doc Pickles is back – I think he’s great. Back when I used to attend the series more often, upstairs at Ted’s, Duncan would amaze me. He would create such dischord in the room that it would make me want to jump out the window. Then I realized that I was never going to jump, and neither was anybody else. Maybe that’s why I stopped going as often.

The last Wavelength I attended was with Christian Bok, and I think that looks great on [Wavelength organizers] Kevin and Ryan.

Any new musicians making their way into your circle of performers? Any new people that we, the discerning Wavelength public, should keep an eye out for?

Oh yeah! There’s Baby Rahmoose – she squeezes her cat (Banana Koka) until it cries and then manipulates the noises through a delay pedal. It’s trippy! She’s cool! And there’s a band called the Clingabangs ‘“ the drummer is wicked!

Oh, and there’s this band called Al and the Coholics (which I wish was the name of my band) and they’re just a group of friends who get together and play Al’s tunes and he writes the best lines, like

“Dirty minds on the street,
watch out or there’ll be an accident.
Don’t judge that stranger, my friend,
if you went, where he’s from, you’d be the one with
the accent.”

He’s like the new Dylan (mixed with a little bit of Henry Miller). Just Awesome! A real boon to our community. Check it out. If I ever get famous I’m going to tell everyone that Toronto is so great!

What’s the plan for your Wavelength appearance this month?

I hope not to lose my nerve. Confidence is everything in this game. You know?

Solo or accompanied?


Any wacky visual stuff like the DDU @ Images show?

Nothing wacky.

What’s in store for Deep Dark United in the near future?

Regular gig at the Tranzac every last Friday of the month.

And do you plan more solo work?