Ain’t No Cure for the Wintertime Blues?

As we look forward to our annual winter-time festivities — our Anniversary Festival ELEVEN is coming up Feb. 16-20th, you may have heard — let’s take a moment to also look back to that seemingly mythical time known as summer. It seems almost impossible to think that just a few months ago, we were walking the streets of T.O. in short-sleeve comfort. To prove we weren’t imagining all that, we have Joe S. from Mechanical Forest Sound to guide us through our little retrospective.

His two-part review of the ALL CAPS! Island Festival, which Wavelength presented on Toronto Island back in August, demonstrates that the man must either possess a photographic memory, or the world’s most detailed gig notebook — or both. For those who missed it (and that’s unfortunately far too many of you), check out Joe’s “you-are-there” review here and here. And stayed tuned for ACIF Part II, next summer (Aug. 13-14) back at Gibraltar Point.