a word about tonight

Sorry folks but due to unforseeable unforseens, Miserere aren’t able to play tonight, leaving us with a still excellent lineup of Hobson’s Choice and Betty Burke.

Also we are going to announce the lineup for a dirty sweaty Wavelength 521 at the Garrison on July 10, but are going to wait until the details of the amazing WL420 gonzoganza courtyard shows are announced but if you’re looking for a peek at what I was going to copy and paste into the website read on … 

Most People (also see: mostpeopleband.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9mxMcpuH0U)
Heartbeat Hotel (a lot of all things)
with the “Dos Mundos DJs” dropping Tropical Bass (Cumbia/Baile Funk/etc.) between sets
and the nebulous TBA
And oh tonight I am going to talk a lot about Manitoba.