A word about this Sunday

We’ve got an exciting show this weekend, with two very young Toronto bands and one out-of-towner.

First off, Vollmar is the solo project of Bloomington, Indiana native Justin Vollmar. It’s a cross between chamber pop and campfire folk, a bit like if Elliot Smith covered Belle and Sebastien.

Then there’s ‘It It, a group of guys that are new to Toronto and at least partly hail from Victoria. And their sound captures the best aspects of what I consider to be two standout west coast bands, Colourbook and No Gold. Take a listen to the song “Arnold” on our Soundcloud player. The recording quality isn’t exactly hi-fi, but you’ll definitely notice the strong tropicalia-like guitar hooks and ramshackle rock undercurrent not unlike early Broken Social Scene. And the live show brings an energy that the recordings don’t quite do justice.

And finally there’s Young Flux. Imagine if Ten Kens embraced post-punk and electro instead of grunge and you’ll get an idea of what to expect. Check out the video for “Start A Fire” at the top of this post. It’s a smart mix worth checking out. sumbitted by Ryan