A Message to Toronto from The Blow…

Dear Toronnnnnnto…. ALL CAPS! 2013 performers The Blow have a message for you…. and they need your help!

“The Blow is coming back to Toronto. We’re playing March 23rd at The Garrison. We want to put up a special poster for the show, like a little love note to the city for all the magical nights we’ve had with Toronto over the years. Remember that time everyone was rolling around on the floor? Or the one where we all got married? Help us put up these posters around town and we will compensate with free tickets/record/T-shirts. We are looking forward to another evening of whatever may happen. We are going to eat Pie in the Sky and drink Ideal coffee. Xx Thank-you Toronto for being the best.”

Want to help? Email us via contact@wavelengthtoronto.com and we’ll put you in touch with the band directly.