20 Years of Wavelength – Spotify Playlist

Let us take you back with our 20 Years of Wavelength playlist. 2020 may be throwing the world some curveballs so far, but it’s still our 20th anniversary year! Music Matters, so let our series’ history soundtrack your quarantine with this 120 song Spotify playlist: 100 songs for the first 20 years of Wavelength (5 songs per year) + 20 songs for 2020!

Curated by WL co-founder and Artistic Director Jonny Dovercourt, this playlist takes you on a chronological journey through the various eras of the Wavelength series’ history.

Here’s a snapshot of where we were, when:

Sunday Weekly Series:
2000-01: Ted’s Wrecking Yard (RIP)
2001-02: Lee’s Palace
2002-09: Sneaky Dee’s
2009-10: The Garrison

Monthly Series:
2010-present: The Garrison, Monarch Tavern, Artscape Gibraltar Point, 918 Bathurst, Arraymusic, Brothers Dressler, Fort York, Stackt, The Baby G, Longboat Hall, Gladstone Hotel & many more!


Mean Red Spiders – “Compromise”
Peaches – “Fuck the Pain Away”
Michelle McAdorey – “Mona”
Destroyer – “Queen of Languages”
The Russian Futurists – “Your Big Brown Eyes and My Big Broke Heart”

Caribou (fka Manitoba) – “Dundas, Ontario”
I Am Robot and Proud – “Julie’s Equation”
Julie Doiron – “Faites De Beaux Rêves”
The Hidden Cameras – “I Believe in the Good of Life”
Do Make Say Think – “Classic Noodlanding”

Beef Terminal – “An Early Start”
Rockets Red Glare – “Empire State”
The Sick Lipstick – “Teenage Robots”
Gentleman Reg – “Give Me the Chance to Fail”
Broken Social Scene – “Almost Crimes”

Constantines – “Young Lions”
The Barmitzvah Brothers – “Show Promoter Dan”
Great Lake Swimmers – “I Will Never See the Sun”
Wordburglar – “Summer of SARS”
The Blow – “How Naked Are We Going to Get?”

Controller.Controller – “History”
Masia One – “The Oceanarium”
Patrick Wolf – “Bloodbeat”
Feist – “Mushaboom”
Chad VanGaalen – “Clinically Dead”

The Old Soul – “River of Daughters”
Jens Lekman – “Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa”
Laura Barrett – “Deception Island Optimists Club”
Cadence Weapon – “Sharks”
Holy Fuck – “Tone Bank Jungle”

Fucked Up – “Crusades”
Spiral Beach – “New Clouds Hot Clouds”
The Bicycles – “B-B-Bicycles”
More Or Les – “Brunch!”
Lullabye Arkestra – “Y’Make Me Shake”

Ohbijou – “The Otherside”
Sandro Perri – “City of Museums”
Daniel Nebiat – “Hoyena Hoye”
Nunca Antes – “Mar Sem Fim”
Feuermusik – “Litany of Fervent Supplication”

Woodhands – “I Can’t See Straight”
Quest for Fire – “Bison Eyes”
DD/MM/YYYY – “Bronzage”
Tune-Yards – “Hatari”
Bruce Peninsula – “Steamroller”

Timber Timbre – “Lay Down in the Tall Grass:
Bonjay – “Stumble”
Diamond Rings – “All Yr Songs”
Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex – “Ethiopia Hagere”
Bahamas – “You’re Bored, I’m Old”

Owen Pallett – “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”
Elfin Saddle – “Running Sheep”
Grouper – “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping”
Braids – “Lemonade”
John Kameel Farah – “Crystalline”

Grimes – “Oblivion”
Maylee Todd – “Summer Sounds”
Jennifer Castle – “Neverride”
Rich Aucoin – “It”
Hooded Fang – “Tosta Mista”

METZ – “Get Off”
A Place to Bury Strangers – “You Are The One”
Kid Koala – “2 bit Blues”
The Luyas – “Fifty Fifty”
The Weather Station – “Traveller”

Sarah Neufeld – “Hero Brother”
Fresh Snow – “Helix Pass”
Beliefs – “Catch My Breath”
Doldrums – “She is the Wave”
Catl – “F.U. Blues”

DIANA – “Born Again”
TOPS – “Way to be Loved”
Weaves – “Motorcycle:
Jazz Cartier – “Dead or Alive”
Picastro – “Mountain Relief”

Hauschka – “Thames Town”
Marker Starling – “Husbands”
Most People – “Telephone”
Doomsquad – “Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Times)”
Pierre Kwenders – “Mardi Gras”

Keita Juma feat. Brendan Philip – “Come Over”
LAL – “Dead Happiness”
Ice Cream – “Receiver”
Partner – “Personal Weekend”
Guerrilla Toss – “Can I Get The Real Stuff”

Deerhoof – “I Will Spite Survive”
Vallens – “Consent”
DATU feat. Han Han – “World Gong Crazy”
Del Bel feat. Clairmont the Second – “Do What the Bass Says”
Jessy Lanza – “It Means I Love You”

Obuxum – “Pu$$y Powah”
Odonis Odonis “Check My Profile”
FRIGS – “Chest”
Zaki Ibrahim – “Diamond Time”
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – “Someplace”

Elisapie – “Wolves Don’t Live by the Rules”
Buke & Gase – “Derby”
Fet.Nat – “Patio Monday”
Sessa – “Grandeza”
Isla Den – “Myst”

Lou Phelps – “Come Inside”
Haviah Mighty – “Blame”
Desiire – “Light Down Low”
Mimico – “New Haze”
Psychic Weapons – “All on Fire”
SlowPitchSound – “Event Horizon”
Little Scream – “Dear Leader”
Kaia Kater – “New Colossus”
TRP.P – “Love, Calm Down”
Torii Wolf – “Soon Baby Soon”
Bing & Ruth – “Starwood Choker”
Lambert – “Awake”
Michael Peter Olsen – “Mayday”
E.GG – “Saving Grace”
Keysha Freshh – “Red Cups”
Odario – “Low Light (In This Space)”
LolaBunz – “West End”
Rapport – “In The Dark”
Bodywash – “Reverie”
Away Forward – “My Darling”