20 years ago in the Annex…

Sept. 11, 2019 — Today marks the 20th anniversary of the very first Wavelength MEETING! A group of independent musicians, writers & artists got together at the Green Room (RIP) in the Annex to talk about how we could build more excitement about Toronto music…. This led to the launch of the Wavelength series & zine five months later, in February 2000. Stay tuned for more news about Wavelength 2020…

Collective Meeting #1 – Sept. 11, 1999

What we decided:

– Our scene is brimming with talent, and at this point, we have a lot of history and accomplishments to be proud of, despite any past disappointments. It needs to be promoted to the rest of the world, by us, since we know our story the best.

To do so, we need:

– A regular, weekly form for live music, for our own bands, side-projects and one-off experiments, as well as like-minded out-of-towners

– A forum for promotion for our bands and our residency, and for news, opinions, reviews, artwork and other forms of self-expression