20 Questions with TRP.P

How do you take your coffee/tea?

Truss is only coffee drinker and he’s bout that double double life. Phoenix will take a chai tea.

What is something that if you haven’t done it by noon, your day is going terribly?

Truss: Rolled something.

Phoenix: Seen a baby or kitten video cross my timeline.

What would it be if there’s one thing you could change in the Canadian music industry?

Just one? Lol, jk – the disbursement of resources (ie: studios, grants, media, access to mental healthcare) to artists who don’t have a team behind them.

Most-missed defunct music venue?

The El Mocambo, R.I.P.

Who should they do a music biopic about?

Stevie Wonder.

Dream creative collaborator, dead or alive?

Jazmine Sullivan.

Best place to people-watch?

Truss: Twitter or IG for the memes.

Phoenix: YnD Square.

Artist you wish would make another record?

Truss: I need new Nick Hakim.

Phoenix: On the homegrown front, I’m ready for some new Andreena Mill.

One year from now you will be?

Married 🙂

What homegrown band/artist should everyone know and love?

Too many to name, but Truss: This is hard but in every lane, Clairmont The Second is that guy *kanye shrug*.

Phoenix: Bonnie Trash and Benita are amazing live.

If you were on City Council, what bill would you table?

The affordable housing bill.

Quintessential Toronto or Canadian song?

Northern Touch by bare Toronto mans/legends.

Where would you move if you could live comfortably anywhere in the world for a year?

Truss: Might have to be Miami.

Phoenix: ATL, babyyy.

What book is on your bedside table?

Truss: My journal. Phoenix: A pocketbook devotional my mom gave me.

What’s one song by another artist that is stuck in your head today?

Truss: It’s possible – Westside Gunn & friends. Phoenix: Kenny Mason – Hit.

Best stress reliever?

Phoenix: Wink wink. Truss: I second that & add the greeeeeen.

Vinyl or streaming?


Yoga or the gym?


Indie flick or Netflix binge?

Android box.

Do you have any stories you want to share of memorable, formative, or inspirational experiences in the Toronto music community during the last 20 years?

The rise of R.I.S.E. (pun intended) and its legendary status in the East End. Personally, it’s been great to see. Also, the unity that exists at a concert in Toronto; where we can all be ourselves and sing off-key together to our favourite artists.

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