20 Questions with Sandro Perri

How do you take your coffee/tea?

Little stain.

What is something that if you haven’t done it by noon, your day is going terribly?

Avoided the scroll.

What would it be if there’s one thing you could change in the Canadian music industry?


Most-missed defunct music venue?

MG Richmond.

Who should they do a music biopic about?

Dan Burke.

Dream creative collaborator, dead or alive?

Bob Altman.

The artist you wish would make another record?

Mary Margaret, of course.

One year from now you will be?


What homegrown band/artist should everyone know and love?

Alanis Obomsawin.

If you were on City Council, what bill would you table?

No idea. I don’t know all the bills. Please don’t put me on City Council.

Quintessential Toronto or Canadian song?

“Take Off”.

Where would you move if you could live comfortably anywhere in the world for one year?

Dugi Otok.

What book is on your bedside table?

Crowds and Power.

What’s one song by another artist that is stuck in your head today?

The one I’m mixing – “Dirty Dreams”.

Best stress reliever?

Look up from phone.

Vinyl or streaming?


Yoga or the gym?


Indie flick or Netflix binge?

Criterion Roulette.

Don’t miss Sandro Perri on Night One of the Wavelength Winter Festival, Thursday February 13 at Sneaky Dee’s. Get tickets here!