10,000 Watt Head: THE WL INTERVIEW

So, your beloved Wavelength writer has never seen 10,000 Watt Head, and she’s probably one of the only ones within her circle that hasn’t. But she’s heard nothing but good shit. They are neither boring, nor idiots, nor fatty virgins, and Greg Collins is in the band, so she assigned herself the interview. So she emailed Greg Collins, and he told her he wasn’t the guy to go to. Then she actually listened to a few of their screechy and droney, yet somehow actually fun tunes. She then re-vamped her questions, and Mike Harland, of The Bagel fame, fielded them. And this is the result of the typed exchange of Shaunna Bednarek and Mr. Harland.

Who are 10,000 Watt Head and where did they come from?

Grasshopper was in… well… Grasshopper. I (Mike Harland) was signed at an early age to Sire Records with my highschool band, Acid Test. More recently, I’ve produced and remixed a couple of tracks for Def Jux artists C-Rayz Wals and 4th Pyramid. Greg Collins is a part of Ninja High School, and Dane? Dane has played drums for a ton of bands including Arcade Fire and Les Angles Mort.

What’s everyone’s role in the band?

Grasshopper – Vocals
Dane Mills – Drums
Mike Harland- Keys/bass
Greg Collins – Guitar

Is it true that you guys are a causality from one of those Plug N’ Play dealies at The Bagel?

Yes! We’d meet up each Tuesday and jam away! It was fun. You guys missed out!

I’m listening to some streams on MySpace.com and I’d describe you guys as “screamy, yet dancey.” Actually, it’s pretty fucking sinister. Is it more important we come to Wavelength prepared with dancing shoes or earplugs?

Both! We’ve got dance appeal and the ability to blow ear drums. Use your own discretion!

Why does it sound like there’s a chick singing?

Grass sings through a robo-vocoder-pitchshifter thingy. I think he sounds more like pigs having sex, personally, but…

You guys seem to play, like, twice a week, at least. Actually, it seems that way with a lot of the bands in the city, these days. Aren’t you worried about oversaturating us?

We/I were very excited to play. At the time, it had been over ten years since I was on a stage playing with a band. Things have slowed down a bit. Originally, we only ever played seven minute improv sets, in hopes of not burning out too quickly! But yeah, it’s easy to play too much in this city (not that that’s a bad thing).

What’s in store for the near future of 10,000 Watt Head?

To be honest, we’re just having fun right now. There’s really only so far you can take a noise/improv band. For now, just fun times and trying to weasel into as many cool shows as possible!