Year 2019

1 WL19 Winter Fest poster Derek Ma
2 WL19 Myst Milano @ Garrison
3 WL19 Lex Leosis @ Garrison photo Aaron Dawson
4 WL19 Audience @ Garrison photo Aaron Dawson
5 WL19 Audience @ Garrison photo Eugene Tamburini
6 WL19 Pearle Harbour @ Garrison photo True Nature Media
7 WL19 Isla Den @ Garrison photo Eugene Tamburini
8 WL19 Peers @ Garrison photo True Nature Media
9 WL19 Anemone @ Garrison photo True Nature Media
10 WL19 Kingdom of Birds @ Monarch photo Andrew McAllister
11 WL19 nehiyawak @ Monarch photo Andrew McAllister
12 WL19 Doc Pickles @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
13 WL19 Video Games @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
14 WL19 Luna Li @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
15 WL19 Beams @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
16 WL19 Elisapie @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
17 WL775 Brothers Dressler poster
18 WL775 Venue @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
19 WL775 Venue @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
20 WL775 Venue @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
21 WL775 I Am Robot and Proud @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
22 WL775 Thanya Iyer @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
23 WL775 World News @ Brothers Dressler photo Kate Mulvale
24 WL776 Mary Ocher poster Drew Shannon
25 WL776 Lake Versions @ Array Space photo Danielle Burton
26 WL776 Mary Ocher _ Your Government @ Array Space photo Danielle Burton
27 WL780 Cots @ Baby G
28 WL780 Tal National @ Baby G
29 WL Summer Fest 2019 poster Office Bureau
30 WL Summer Fest 2019 Paint by Numbers
31 WL Summer Fest 2019 Deep Sea Piano
32 WL Summer Fest Lana Gay + HueDrop
33 WL Summer Fest 2019 Hua Li
34 WL Summer Fest 2019 Art D_Ecco
35 WL Summer Fest 2019 Audience
36 WL Summer Fest 2019 Elder
37 WL Summer Fest 2019 Comedy
38 WL Summer Fest 2019 HueDrop
39 WL Summer Fest 2019 Red Mass
40 WL Summer Fest 2019 Fet.Nat
41 WL Summer Fest 2019 Yonatan Gat
42 WL Summer Fest 2019 Afrotronix
43 WL785 BSMT 254 poster Aaron Dawson
44 WL785 730Rarri @ BSMT 254 photo Green Yang
45 WL785 LolaBunz @ BSMT 254 photo Green Yang
46 WL785 Swagger Rite @ BSMT 254 photo Green Yang
47 WL786 Jonny Dovercourt @ Brothers Dressler
48 WL786 DijahSB @ Brothers Dressler
49 WL786 Munya @ Brothers Dressler
50 WL786 Venue @ Brothers Dressler
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2019 is an innocent year at its outset — as we prepare to wrap up our second decade, little do we know it’s our last year “normal” year for a while. The 19th Wavelength Winter Festival (WL 770-773, Feb. 15-17) continues the theme of coziness, with massive majesty palm plants filling the Garrison to make the rock club feel like a therapeutic greenhouse. And Wavelength returns to the Monarch for a Sunday afternoon all-ages show. The lineup is co-curated by Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor of the band Bonnie Trash, bringing a fresh perspective on the Canadian DIY scene. Performers include Inuit art-folk singer/songwriter Elisapie, Haitian-Canadian neo-soul artist Mélissa Laveaux, Indigenous shoegaze band nêhiyawak, Montreal drone-pop band Anemone, and dreamy Toronto duo Isla Den, who also create an interactive analog audiovisual installation.

In August, our summer festival touches down at a new location, Stackt Market and with a new name — simply the Wavelength Summer Music & Arts Festival. (A rebrand that lasts just one year.) With live music inside and arts activities outside, it’s a nice city-side throwback to the early days of ALL CAPS! on the Island. The fest also marks the start of a year-long tenure by guest curator Ian Steaman, a hip-hop blogger and music industry veteran. Another diverse lineup includes Canadian rap from the likes of Cadence Weapon, Hua Li, and Sydanie; avant-rockers Fet.Nat, Anthems of the Void, and NYC’s Yonatan Gat & the Eastern Medicine Singers; Chadian-Canadian party-starters Afrotronix; and Vancouver glam-popster Art d’Ecco. Interactive installations include sound-activated paint marbling, a huge paint-by-numbers mural, a gift-giving robot called Trinketron, a fairground-inspired game called Super Pump! and a “Deep Sea Piano” that still lives at Stackt. Amidst the commerce of downtown Toronto, the weekend makes for a wondrous return to innocence.

Memorable shows:

  • Two nights at one of our favourite alternative venues of all time: the gorgeous furniture design and woodworking studio Brothers Dressler on Sterling Road, ranging from electro-pop to hip-hop to indie folk with I Am Robot and Proud, Thanya Iyer, and World News (WL 775, April 13) and Munya, DijahSB, and Tara Kannangara (WL 786, Nov. 9)
  • A farewell performance by long-time WL artists Most People (WL 777, June 14 @ the Baby G)
  • “Solstizio,” a night of Italian-Canadian music and art including Sandro Perri, Versa, and the Gordon Grdina Quartet (WL 778, June 21 @ 918 Bathurst)
  • A team-up with Boiled Records for a global-music double-header with Nigerien desert blues rockers Tal National and Brazilian neo-bossa nova singer Sessa alongside Guelph’s own Cots (WL 780, July 8 @ the Baby G)
  • “The new sound of Toronto hip-hop” with Swagger Rite, LolaBunz and 730Rarri (WL 785, Oct. 18 @ BSMT 254)