Year 2018

1 WL18 Winter Fest poster Derek Ma
2 WL18 Fest Roxanne Art photo Danielle Burton
3 WL18 Fest Audience @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
4 WL18 Fest General Chaos Visuals photo Cassandra Popescu
5 WL18 Fest Obuxum @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
6 WL18 Fest DJ Brendan Canning @ Garrison photo Cassandra Popescu
7 WL18 Fest Tough Age @ Garrison photo Jennifer Hyc
8 WL18 Fest Odonis Odonis @ Garrison photo Jennifer Hyc
9 WL18 Fest Joseph Shabason @ Garrison photo Jennifer Hyc
10 WL18 Fest Omhouse @ Garrison photo Jennifer Hyc
11 WL18 Fest Buke _ Gase @ Garrison photo Cassandra Popescu
12 WL754 Nick Smash Talk poster by Aaron Dawson
13 WL759 Trillium Park photo Cassandra Popescu
14 WL759 Long Branch @ Trillium Park photo Cassandra Popescu
15 Camp WL 2018 Poster by Mike Pereira
16 Camp WL 2018 day audience @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
17 Camp WL 2018 Moscow Apartment @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
18 Camp WL 2018 Imagination Station @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
19 Camp WL 2018 Sydanie @ Fort York photo Cassandra Popescu
20 Camp WL 2018 Mystic Dream Tent @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
21 Camp WL 2018 Zaki Ibrahim @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
22 Camp WL 2018 Homonculus Nimbus @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
23 Camp WL 2018 night audience @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale
24 Camp WL 2018 volunteers @ Fort York photo Cassandra Popescu
25 Camp WL 2018 Frigs @ Fort York photo Cassandra Popescu.jpg
26 Camp WL 2018 Campfire Comedy @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale.jpg
27 Camp WL 2018 Yamantaka Sonic Titan @ Fort York photo Cassandra Popescu.jpg
28 Camp WL 2018 Campfire Comedy @ Fort York photo Kate Mulvale.jpg
29 Camp WL 2018 Chad VanGaalen @ Fort York photo Cassandra Popescu.jpg
30 Camp WL 2018 TRP.P After-Party @ Super Wonder Gallery photo Cassandra Popescu
31 WL768 Unison Fundraiser poster Mike Pereira
32 WL768 SlowPitchSound @ Baby G photo Cassandra Popescu
33 WL768 Marty Topps @ Baby G photo Cassandra Popescu
34 WL768 Jeen @ Baby G photo Aaron Dawson
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When Wavelength reaches voting age, we enter adulthood with another rebrand of our February anniversary festivities: it’s hereby known as the Wavelength Winter Festival (WL 746-748, Feb. 16-18), to distinguish it from its summer sibling — and also pick up on what some hip attendees have been calling it for a few years now. 2018’s Winter Fest is simply a tight three nights at the Garrison, embracing the theme of cold-weather coziness with Roxanne Ignatius’ scarf-themed ceiling décor and hot chocolate by Chocosol. The lineup includes a long-awaited return by New York’s Buke and Gase alongside Brassland labelmate Fusilier, alt-R&B singer MI Blue alongside a DJ set by Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, and a wall-rattling set by Toronto industrial heroes Odonis Odonis alongside prog-punks Luge.

With Toronto Island no longer viable as a festival site post-flooding, Camp Wavelength finds a new home at Fort York’s Garrison Common, reinventing the fest as a two-day urban green space adventure. “Fun Finds a Way” is the theme after the previous year’s logistical challenges, and graphic designer Mike Pereira creates a series of adorable creatures to act as festival mascots. The diverse lineup includes Montreal electro-rockers Suuns, smooth popsters TOPS, Calgary indie hero Chad VanGaalen, neo-soul singer Zaki Ibrahim, and art-metal collective Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. Arts programming includes interactive art-making, puppet shows, Tarot card readings, the Bunz flea market, and a Campfire Comedy stage. Late-night after-parties rage at Super Wonder Gallery on College Street.

But as fun as the whole weekend is, it’s just not the same without overnight camping, and post-festival, we decide to retire the name Camp Wavelength and relaunch our summer festival under a new identity the following year.

Behind the scenes, Wavelength moves out of its parents’ house and into its first dedicated office, our current digs at 77 Florence Street.

Memorable shows:

  • Experimental electronic artist Obuxum and R&B singer Kiyoya Amoah at the Toronto Public Library in Rexdale (WL 753, May 5 @ Albion Branch)
  • Alt-country rockers Beams and Long Branch in Ontario Place’s brand-new Trillium Park (WL 759, June 21)
  • German “kosmische musik” pioneers Faust alongside Toronto analog-synth wizard Castle If (WL 763, July 15 @ Jam Factory T.O.)
  • Nova Scotia sound sculptors JOYFULTALK alongside Toronto space-rockers Mimico and dream-pop duo Isla Den (WL 765, Sept. 28 @ Array Space)
  • A holiday fundraiser for Unison Benevolent Fund featuring stand-up comics alongside musicians including SlowPitchSound and New York indie/art-rock legend Thalia Zedek (WL 768, Dec. 12 @ the Baby G)