Year 2017

1 WL17 Festival Poster by DerekMa
2 WL17 Lineup @ Garrison photo Adam Cadogan
3 WL17 DIANA @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
4 WL17 Audience @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
5 WL17 Denim Roses @ Monarch photo Danielle Burton
6 WL17 Strands @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
7 WL17 Helena Deland @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
8 WL17 Fake Palms @ Garrison photo Ken Lee
9 WL17 Julie _ the Wrong Guys @ Garrison photo Danielle Burton
10 WL17 Kat Estacio Drone Brunch @ Gladstone photo Danielle Burton
11 Emay @ Garrison photo Ken Lee
12 Han Han @ Garrison photo Ken Lee
13 Phedre @ Garrison photo Ken Lee
14 WL725 Music as Disruption poster Derek Ma
15 WL728 Del Bel poster Adam Waito
16 WL728 Del Bel @ Longboat Hall photo Danielle Burton
17 WL730 Fresh Snow @ RC Harris Doors Open
18 WL738 Camp Cruise River Gambler photo Danielle Burton
19 WL738 Vallens River Gambler photo Danielle Burton
20 WL738 Tika River Gambler photo Danielle Burton
21 Camp WL 2017 Poster
22 Camp WL 2017 Os Tropies
23 Camp WL 2017 Game Arts @ Sherbourne Common
24 Camp WL 2017 Haviah Mighty @ Sherbourne Common photo Cassandra Popescu
25 Camp WL 2017 Witch Prophet @ Sherbourne Common photo Danielle Burton
26 Camp WL 2017 Rich Aucoin @ Longboat Hall
27 Camp WL 2017 Campfire Comedy
28 Camp WL The Luyas @ Longboat Hall
29 Camp WL 2017 Deerhoof @ Longboat Hall
30 Camp WL 2017 Costume Freaks @ Longboat Hall
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Wavelength Music Festival 17 launches with a line down the block at the Garrison, the festival’s home base for the weekend (WL 720-724, Feb. 17-19). TOPS and DIANA co-headline a Red Bull Sound Select showcase on the opening night, while on Saturday a stacked lineup of Canadian indie/art-rock is topped by Julie Doiron’s latest band, Julie & the Wrong Guys. The rest of the lineup includes Helena Deland, Fet.Nat, Han Han, Phèdre, Whoop-SZO, and a special appearance by NYC’s one-time post-punk child star Chandra. Daytime programming includes an all-ages DIY/punk show at the Monarch and a “Drone Brunch” at the Gladstone featuring ambient artist Kat Estacio of Pantayo. A few weeks later, the community tries to process recent events in the world (namely the election of a certain individual) with a panel discussion entitled “Music as Disruption” tackling the topic of art as activism (WL 725, March 5 @ Gladstone Hotel).

Sadly, climate change disrupts our plans for 2017’s summer festival. High water levels on Lake Ontario cause historic flooding of Toronto Island, and the team makes the difficult but necessary choice to move Camp Wavelength onto the mainland. Reimagining it as a “Day Camp in the City,” the festival (WL 737, Aug. 18-20) consists of evening shows at Longboat Hall and the Garrison as well as free daytime shows in Sherbourne Common Park on Queens Quay East. None of the musical acts are cancelled and most of the arts programming is maintained, but overnight camping is no longer an option. But what a lineup: Deerhoof, Jessy Lanza, Rich Aucoin, Haviah Mighty (2019 Polaris Prize winner), DJ Shub, Dilly Dally, Duchess Says, Witch Prophet, SlowPitchSound… we can only imagine what it would have been like if it had happened on the Island as planned. Still the “great lost festival.”

Behind the scenes, Wavelength crew members can be spotted on Spadina Avenue, where the org maintains a production office in the Centre for Social Innovation building over the summer.

Memorable shows:

  • A collaboration with Doors Open Toronto for a musical “bike tour” (hosted by Bike Pirates) between three historic buildings: Fresh Snow outside the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant; Contact Contemporary Music at Evergreen Brick Works; and Kurt Marble at the Masonic Temple a.k.a. the Concert Hall (WL 730, May 27)
  • Camp Cruise is our pre-festival party, a harbour boat cruise hosted by Red Bull Sound Select aboard the River Gambler with Cadence Weapon, Greys, Pony, Tika and Vallens (WL 738, Aug. 11)
  • Toronto Public Library’s Make Some Noise series hosts a free double bill of Arcade Fire member Jeremy Gara’s ambient project and conscious hip-hop emcee Emay (WL 742, Nov. 2 @ Bloor/Gladstone Branch)