Year 2007

1 WL350 Poster by Trip Print Press
2 WL350 Rozasia @ Horseshoe Tavern photo Kevin Parnell
3 WL350 The Winks + Audience @ Salem_s Loft photo Kevin Parnell
4 WL350 Think About Life @ Salem_s Loft photo Kevin Parnell
5 WL350 Audience @ Salem_s Loft photo Kevin Parnell
6 WL353-356 March 2007 Poster by Trip Print Press
7 WL356 Daniel Nebiat @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Kevin Parnell
8 WL362 Sister Suvi (Merrill Garbus) @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Kevin Parnell
9 ALL CAPS! Artwork + Audience @ Dufferin Grove photo Kevin Parnell
10 WL380 Nunca Antes @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Kevin Parnell
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Wavelength 350 (Feb. 8–11), our seventh anniversary, shows off the organization’s breadth, moving from the long-established Horseshoe Tavern one night to ultra-DIY space Salem’s Loft on Geary Avenue the next. Its increasingly divergent lineup covers everything from free-jazz collective Drumheller to Montreal dance-punks Think About Life in a single night. Plus, the festival starts off with a challenging panel discussion, “Diversity: Our Strength?,” tackling the lack of cultural diversity within Toronto’s independent music scene.

Wavelength makes another big step towards professionalizing, incorporating as a non-profit and receiving its first Ontario Arts Council grant. The WL-adjacent ALL CAPS! Outdoor Show takes place in Dufferin Grove in August, with a slate of acts playing for a family-friendly crowd on a very DIY stage one sunny afternoon.

Memorable shows:

  • A direct curatorial outcome of the Diversity: Our Strength? panel, indie-folk collective Bruce Peninsula share a bill with Eritrean krar player Daniel Nebiat, a show co-presented with African music series Batuki Music (WL 356, March 25 @ SD)
  • Pianist/electronic music polymath John Kameel Farah alongside future Austra vocalist Katie Stelmanis and Les Mouches’ Matt Smith a.k.a. Nif-D (WL 357, April 1 @ SD)
  • Rich Aucoin treats us to his audiovisual electro-pop affirmations for the first time (WL 371, July 15 @ SD)
  • Nunca Antes bring percussive sounds from Toronto’s vibrant Latin scene to Sneaky Dee’s (WL 380, Sept. 16 @ SD)
  • Remember Toronto! is a night of all Toronto song covers by various local heroes and supergroups (WL 388, Nov. 11 @ SD)
  • Montreal trio Sister Suvi, featuring Merrill Garbus (later known as Tune-Yards), play a stunning set (WL 390, Nov. 25 @SD)