Year 2003

1 WL150 Poster by Seripop
2 WL150 Doc Pickles intro @ Lee_s Palace photo Kim Temple
3 WL150 Anagram @ Lees
4 WL150 Zine table @ Lees
5 WL150 Rockets Red Glare @ Lees
6 WL150 Audience @ Lees
7 WL150 Do Make Say Think @ Lee_s photo Kim Temple
8 WL150 Kevin Drew @ friend @ Lee_s Palace photo Kim Temple
9 WL150 Jonny Dovercourt & zine table @ El Mocambo
10 WL150 Audience @ El Mocambo
11 WL150 Lullabye Arkestra @ El Mocambo
12 WL150 CCMC @ Music Gallery photo Kim Temple
13 WL150 Solvent vs Lowfish @ Music Gallery
14 WL150 The Sick Lipstick @ Sneaky Dees
15 WL150 Suck My Disc @ Indie Label Fair
16 WL150 Cuff the Duke @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Kim Temple
17 WL174 Les Mouches feat Owen Pallett @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Kevin Parnell
18 WL Zine Fundraiser1 Poster by The Complaint Department
19 WL192 Sandro Perri photo Kevin Parnell
20 WL193 Ninja High School + Audience @ Sneaky Dee_s photo Jonny Dovercourt
21 WL193 Audience @ Sneaky Dees 1
22 WL193 Audience @ Sneaky Dees 2
23 WL193 Audience @ Sneaky Dees 3
24 WLzine_2003_12 Cover by Tyler Clark Burke
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For its third anniversary, a.k.a. Wavelength 150 (Feb. 13-16), Wavelength gets its Winter Festival formula right: a kickass lineup combined with an intriguing mix of venues over one long weekend. Do Make Say Think headlines a stacked bill on Lee’s Palace on opening night, then things move to a recently renovated El Mocambo for a gleefully destructive set by DMST splinter group Lullabye Arkestra. On the Saturday night, Wavelength begins a long relationship with the Music Gallery, presenting their first show in the long-running experimental space’s then-new-ish digs in beautiful St. George the Martyr Church — including MG founding group CCMC alongside Toronto electronic icons Solvent vs. Lowfish — before landing back home at Sneaky Dee’s to close out the weekend with sweaty alt-country rockers Cuff the Duke. Plus an indie label fair on Sunday afternoon. Phew!

With changes behind the scenes within the WL crew, the ‘zine takes a summer hiatus before returning with full-colour covers and a brand-new logo designed by artist Tyler Clark Burke of Three Gut Records and Feist fame. And what a summer it was to be young and free in the city: 2003 marked the summer of “Torontopia” — the beginning of Toronto’s cultural renaissance, a new movement of civically-minded arts initiatives in which Wavelength gets swept up in alongside Vazaleen, Spacing, Trampoline Hall, and others. Toronto discovers itself the night of that August’s blackout and then had a cause for optimism with that fall’s election of a progressive new mayor, David Miller. Meanwhile, in the wider music world, the Internet rockets homegrown heroes Broken Social Scene, the Constantines, and the Hidden Cameras to international indie stardom.

Memorable shows:

  • Electro jammers Holy Fuck play their first-ever show, opening for themselves as “Hot Carl” (WL 148, Jan. 26 @ SD)
  • Owen Pallett’s band Les Mouches introduces many to their manic freak-folk (WL 174, Aug 3 @ SD)
  • Hardcore/metal bands Cursed and Gesundheit show there’s a space for heavy music at Wavelength (WL 176, Aug 17 @ SD)
  • Can vocalist Damo Suzuki performs two free-form sets backed up by different bands of Wavelength all-stars (WL 180, Sept. 14 @ SD)
  • The ‘zine is relaunched with an epic dance-punk blowout featuring Anagram, the Sick Lipstick, controller.controller and more (Special Event, Nov 29 @ SD)
  • Hidden Cameras breakaway faction the Barcelona Pavilion teach Toronto indie crowd to dance, alongside Portland, Oregon visitor the Blow (WL 194, Dec. 21 @SD)