Neil Wiernik

Plays with all things digital. Spending his daylight hours with his fingers deep in Digital Strategy, weaving words, images, video, and sound on the web into a digital communications playground for all to engage with. At night, Neil is better known to the underground music community for his audio-visual dub-inspired sound textures, subdued beats and glitchy visuals as the artist naw or for his experimental bassaxe-wielding in the post-rock band Whisper Room. Neil has also been deeply involved for decades as both an organizer and curator of many regularly occurring DIY underground music showcases in both his hometowns of Montreal and Toronto. He was a founding member of the now defunct online digital arts publication Vague Terrain and previous to the Wavelength Board of Directors, Neil had stints on both the board of directors for Musicworks Magazine and Somewhere There. You can find a mish-mash of his creative work on his website,