Chris De Castro

Chris de Castro has been involved in independent underground music for more than a couple of decades, whether hosting a radio show at CKCU, making zines at 16, and dodging fireworks exploding from a drum kit at gigs in abandoned warehouses. Since moving to Toronto in 2001 to attend Sheridan College for animation, Chris has been a prolific VFX artist, working on music videos for Maylee Todd, Valerie Gore, Azari & III, Brendan Canning, Shad, Drake, Lights, Maestro and many more.

He has also been involved in other video and large installation works for the CFC, NFB, Nuit Blanche, Much, and MTV, including controlling the lights on the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and Parliament during the 2010 Olympics. During this time, Chris met his wife at a Sunday Wavelength show on the Sneaky Dee’s dance floor, and proposed at the ALL CAPS! festival on Toronto Island.