All I See Is Red

ALL I SEE IS RED, a Toronto-based band, unleashes an “organic” array of emotion packed, worldly musical fusion. Its transcendent sound with jazzy overtones washes over you like a wave of instrumental brilliance. ALL I SEE IS RED encompasses a variety of music genres that creates a completely unique, jazzy vibe waiting to revolutionize music as we know it.

Bursting into existence in the spring of 2002, ALL I SEE IS RED was a vision by band members Michael Owen and Jeff Hornak. Owen (Bass) and Hornak (Guitar), both of Thunder Bay, ON brought this band to life with percussionist Sty Larocque and began creating their sound solely on a “groove”. Larocque is a seasoned musician, having played with renowned musicians such as Chuck Berry, Nena Hagen, and Living Color. Most recently the foursome has been completed with the talented Michael Butler of Kingston, ON. Michael B adds his “ocean of emotion and love” with the warm tonal spectrum of his tenor saxophone. The eclectic four have stayed true to the meaning of artist. They don’t formulate their music, but instead ride on the pure grooves they create.(Bandcamp)