Ayşe Barut

Ayşe is a music industry worker, connector, and cultural advocate. A graduate of the Arts Management (Specialist) + Music and Culture programs at the University of Toronto, Ayşe’s experience spans across marketing, education & outreach, artist management, publicity, music journalism, research, policy making, content production, and event management. When not working for Wavelength, Ayşe is a key part of the MOM3NT Network team, conducts artist interviews for Sidedoor Magazine, and assists the Northside Hip Hop Archive with content production. Additionally, she actively contributes to the Anti-Racism and Equity Committee at Music Managers Forum Canada. 

Throughout her career, Ayşe has worked with various organizations, including Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall, Hart House, Jackman Humanities Institute, NXNE, Field Trip, Soundstreams, Porchfront Collective, Trade Routes, Afrosonic Innovation Lab, and Radio FWD. She is also the co-writer of “#djlife During the Pandemic: Reflections from DJs Rearranging Relations and Improvising Continuity” at IICSI with Dr. Mark V. Campbell. Ayşe’s greatest passion lies in helping musicians succeed through a communal approach.

Photo by Selina McCallum