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  • 10,000 Watt Head: THE WL INTERVIEW

    So, your beloved Wavelength writer has never seen 10,000 Watt Head, and she's probably one of the only ones within her circle that hasn't. But  Read More

  • Ça Va Mal: The Wavelength Interview

    There are some fans or specific genres who tend to be absolutely unwilling to accept any kind of music, however slightly off-the-mark, that to them  Read More

  • AIDS Wolf

    Watching an AIDS Wolf show is like getting beaten up by your girlfriend in front of a large crowd. It's full of malice and unhinged  Read More

  • All Purpose Voltage Heroes

    Hey, remember when you were nine and it was your birthday and you ripped apart the wrapping on the biggest present with feverishly trembling fingers,  Read More

  • Aidan Baker: The WL Interview

    Writer and musician Aidan Baker's two most recent releases '“ the darkly ambient 'Within the Final Circle'? (Mirakel Musik) and the lushly shoegazing 'Songs of  Read More


    Ahleuchatistas are Sean Dail, Derek Poteat and Shane Perlowin, three sincere, intelligent, hardworking young men from Asheville, North Carolina. Their name refers to 'œAh-Leu-Cha,'? a  Read More

  • 1-Speed Bike

    by Kate Carraway Best known as a beat-keeper for Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Aidan Girt is keeping busy during the band's extended holiday with a load  Read More


    Wavelength made a mistake this month. We sent rookie reporter Trevor Coleman into an interview with Action Makes unprepared. "Look," we should have said to  Read More


    In the shadow of the Fernsehturm: An interview with Adam Traynor about Canadian bands in Berlin Grey skies, poor nutrition passed off as "traditional" food, protests of  Read More