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  • All Under Heaven

    WL 347 - Sunday, Jan 21 - 10pm Purveyors of: Beer, nachos, and a lot of effects pedals. All Under Heaven is Marco Landini’s baby. He loves  Read More

  • Alex Lukashevsky

    Alex Lukashevsky is an old hand at this Wavelength thing. He's been in and out with a bunch of different groups (perhaps you've heard of  Read More

  • 100% Wool: THE WL INTERVIEW

    100% WoOl is Serge and Vivi. Serge's weapon of choice is the bass, while Vivi inflicts upon her drum kit a series of violent yet  Read More

  • Alive and Living

    Hamilton, oh, Hamilton. Some have called it the Detroit of Canada, some have called it the next Flint, Michigan. And yet the city has seen  Read More

  • 2006opia

    by Ryan McLaren Happy 2006! I've been thinking about the coming year for a while now. 2005 held some drastic life changes for me, especially in  Read More

  • 10,000 Watt Head: THE WL INTERVIEW

    So, your beloved Wavelength writer has never seen 10,000 Watt Head, and she's probably one of the only ones within her circle that hasn't. But  Read More

  • Ça Va Mal: The Wavelength Interview

    There are some fans or specific genres who tend to be absolutely unwilling to accept any kind of music, however slightly off-the-mark, that to them  Read More

  • AIDS Wolf

    Watching an AIDS Wolf show is like getting beaten up by your girlfriend in front of a large crowd. It's full of malice and unhinged  Read More

  • All Purpose Voltage Heroes

    Hey, remember when you were nine and it was your birthday and you ripped apart the wrapping on the biggest present with feverishly trembling fingers,  Read More