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  • The OBGMS: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: noisy, avant-garage punk File Next to: Death from Above 1979, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dears Playing: Wavelength Winter Festival Friday February 26th at 9PM on  Read More

  • Shabason, Krgovich & Harris: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: the soundtrack to the meditative idleness of life during pandemic File next to: Air, Balthazar, Destroyer, The Weather Station Playing: Saturday, February 27 at Wavelength  Read More

  • Witch Prophet: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Enchanting and hypnotic Ethio-jazz featuring sultry sax riffs, timeless hip-hop rhythms and soulfully soothing melodic mantras that affirm who you are and the  Read More

  • Kali Horse: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Dreamy grungy acid folk with a hint of jazz, some trance and a little Gregorian chant for good measure. File next to: Pink Floyd,  Read More

  • Maryze: The WL Interview

    Purveyor of: Bilingual alt-pop, memorable melodies, reflective lyrics, and musical spells. File next to: The Craft on VHS, Caroline Polachek, Portishead, Grimes, Banks, and also Fern  Read More

  • Clerel: The WL Interview

    Purveyor of:  Light, airy, uplifting soul. Soothing daydream jams. File next to: Ben Harper, Ray Lamontagne, Donavon Frankenreiter Playing: Sunday, February 21st, at Wavelength Winter Festival at  Read More

  • Hannah Georgas: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Hushed pop/rock to play by the backyard pool on a lazy summer afternoon, or when tucked away in bed with the sunset light  Read More

  • Zoon: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: culturally and spiritually influenced sonic experimentation, packaged in the shoegaze world. File Next to: My Bloody Valentine, Whoop-Szo, nêhiyawak Playing: Saturday, February 20th at 8pm:  Read More

  • Morgan Doctor: The WL Interview + Strangers VIII Video Premiere

    Purveyor of: A post-rock soundtrack that embodies your inner dialogue during this pandemic; exploring the ethereal transformation of the loving self into a digital avatar  Read More