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  • JONCRO: The WL Interview 2020

    Purveyors of: Aggressive connection. Not backing down until your story’s told. With guitars. File Next to: Black Mountain, Pup, DFA1979 Playing: Thursday, November 27th 2020 with Westelaken  Read More

  • The Diet Ghosts: The WL2020 Interview

    Purveyors of: Blending punk rock, gender fuckery, drag, theatre, comedy, and gore into an entertaining and subversive show. File Next to: The Rocky Horror Picture Show,  Read More

  • Down Time: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Heartbreakingly humourous indie-pop File Next to: Courtney Barnett, Yo La Tengo, Rapport  Playing: Sunday, September 27th 2020 with Kadeema on Facebook Live! The song “Not a  Read More

  • Kadeema: The WL2020 Interview

    Purveyors of: Learning to laugh with yourself, singing your favourite song at the top of your lungs.   File Next to: Future Peers, early Sea Beau, Moscow  Read More

  • Catl.: The WL Interview 2020

    Purveyors of: Frenetic, stripped-down, rustic raunchy blues. File Next to: B-17, BRMC, Howlin’ Wolf Playing: Saturday, August 15th 2020 at our 800th show/Mini-Fest streaming on Facebook Live  Read More


    Purveyor of: That needed pat on the back, late night car rides, getting sh*t done and feeling good about it. File Next to: TRP.P, Elaquent, Cartel  Read More

  • Twist: The WL Interview 2020

    Purveyors of: The feeling of road trips with friends, that split moment of being in the air before jumping into the water, hugging your best  Read More

  • Janette King: The WL Interview

    Purveyor of: Peaceful rumination, slow dancing with yourself in the dark, looking up at the sky and wondering how fast clouds are really moving.  File Next  Read More

  • Monocle Magazine interview

    The UK's Monocle magazine interviewed Wavelength's Artistic Director, Jonny Dovercourt, about Ontario's recent Footloose-esque ban on singing and dancing on patios, as well as music culture  Read More