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  • LISTEN: Any Night of the Week: A Walking History of Toronto Music

      Part civic history and part memoir from Wavelength co-founder Jonny Dovercourt, Any Night of the Week is a podcast series that takes the form of  Read More

  • Marker Starling: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Uplifting, romantic and sometimes melancholy lyrics, with a nostalgic air of the late 60s. File next to: Stereolab, Nicholas Kgrovich, Mia Doi Todd, Khruangbin Playing:  Read More

  • Animatist: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: non-4/4 rhythms, progressive, jazzy math-rock File next to: Zazen Boys, Jaga Jazzist, Tortoise, Black Midi, The Mars Volta Playing: Saturday, November 20, 2021 @918 Bathurst  Read More

  • Nina Savary: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Surreal, delicate and dreamy, like water colour paints running down a blank canvas in a cozy home art studio. File next to: Carla Bruni,  Read More

  • Polite Society: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Psychedelic tunes that venture into straightforward pop, focusing on musical experience.  File next to: Yes, The Zombies, The Animals, Pink Floyd, Ziggy-era David Bowie Playing:  Read More

  • Bodywash: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: The sublime ebb and flow of dream pop tidal waves. File next to: Braids, Slowdive, Beach House Playing: WL821, Saturday Oct. 23 @ 918 Bathurst  Read More

  • Ace of Wands: The WL Interview

    Purveyors of: Casting a spell at a secret underground rock concert. File next to: War Paint, Our Girl, Cocteau Twins. Playing: Thursday, June 24th at the Ace  Read More

  • Odario: The WL Interview

    Purveyor of: That first bike ride feeling on a city side street in the summertime breeze. File next to: Grand Analog, Aquakultre, Zaki Ibrahim, Witch Prophet Playing:  Read More

  • More Or Les: The WL 2021 Interview

    Purveyor of: conscious hip-hop, nerd rap File next to: Mega Ran, DijahSB, Masta Ace, Star Trek Playing: Thursday, April 29th at 8pm on our YouTube channel. Tune  Read More