Tiffany Fukuma

Cultural attaché, Consulate General of France in Toronto

Growing up in both France and Japan, her two countries of origin, Tiffany Fukuma developed an early interest in counter-cultures in their relation to governments and to urban planning, specifically in the issues of art squats, unauthorized posting, night economies and the right to party in the city, democratization of art (public art, digital art) and more recently, cultural Third Spaces. From the underground squats and clubs of Lyon and Geneva, to Parisian clubs – she co-managed the Paris legendary electronic venue Batofar for 2 years – via the Japanese alternative art and music scene, she learned from the ground before joining the public service, first at the French Embassy in Tokyo, then at the City of Paris, at the City of Bordeaux and currently at the Consulate General of France in Toronto, where she advises government bodies and counsels artists and cultural organizations in France and Canada on international cooperation projects. In her work, she strives to promote the cultures of the minorities and to encourage diversity and gender equality.